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Plastic Surgery in Tunisia

Med Assistance is a Leading Medical Tourism Company

Med Assistance offers affordable plastic surgery procedures. With prices far less than the competition (50% lower than in Europe) and with equal results, Tunisia is a leading destination for medical tourism.

We offer patients from around the world full support for their medical stay. The goal is to simplify the arrival of patients by offering them hospitality, transportation and accommodation in the most prestigious hotels in the Tunisian capital, Tunis. We also offer insurance and guarantees.

Med Assistance offers a wide range of interventions relating to different specialties: cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery, hair transplantation, ophthalmology and infertility treatment.

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly practiced around the world because it allows to improve self-esteem and health. Plastic surgery ensures a physical change such as rejuvenation, beautification but also a psychological change that has a great impact on the behaviour and life of a person. The goal is to feel healthier, more beautiful and younger!

For this, Med Assistance provides medical advisors to explain the procedure and the process of your medical stay. To ensure the best possible care for each patient at the lowest prices in Tunisia, Med Assistance collaborates with recent, renowned and state-of-the-art clinics as well as high-profile doctors.

Med Assistance is committed to providing you with the best conditions and services to ensure your medical stay is simple and enjoyable. We offer:

  • A warm welcome and meticulous follow-ups with each patient
  • Reliable care provided by an experienced medical team and surgeons
  • State-of-the-art medical technology and new, modern equipment
  • Continuous access before and after your stay

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Why do Your Plastic Surgery in Tunisia

Aside from the price, other factors make Tunisia famous for medical tourism:

  • The competence of Tunisian surgeons, most of whom have studied and worked in Europe, mainly in France.
  • The Mediterranean climate and the paradisiacal setting of Tunisia.
  • Prestigious hotels by the sea for the convalescence of patients.
  • Modern clinics with latest generation equipment.
  • Respect for international standards in medicine.

An All-Inclusive Medical Stay

Med Assistance offers a complete care from their arrival until their departure. In addition to performing plastic surgery in Tunisia, our patients will be pampered and fully supported by our medical tourism agency.

Med Assistance offers you a prestigious welcome from your arrival at the airport, travel by car and private driver, taking care of admission to the clinic, a 24-hour presence, a recovery in a 5-star hotel and constant monitoring.


Do you wish to receive medical care, cosmetic surgery, dental or other care in Tunisia? MED ASSISTANCE is your single point-of-contact. We collaborate with the best clinics and the most experienced doctors in the country. Quality care is our top priority and our procedures comply with European standards in terms of quality of care, competencies and comfort.

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Med Assistance collaborates with the best doctors and surgeons in Tunisia to provide its patients with high quality services and cares

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