Gastric Bypass Surgery in Tunisia

Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical process that involves the short-circuiting the large area of your stomach by reducing its size to a smaller one. As a result of this, you will eat lesser food than the normal. A mini gastric bypass is the fastest procedure. It takes a very short period of time of about 1 hour or less. In this surgery, you should expect to lose not less than 70% excess weight in your body. In most cases, this is about 40 kilograms.

This procedure includes your surgeon using surgical staples to form a pouch in the upper area of your stomach. It is done under anesthesia therefore, 5 cuts are made which are between 5 mm to 12 mm in length. The scope, forceps and other instruments that are used for performing the gastric section are put into the cuts made. In this process, a section of the small intestine is made shorter and re-joined to the pouch. As a result, the food you take dodges part of the digestive system. More so, this makes the food to be absorbed easily in your body.

Lose Weight Through Gastric Bypass

The main aim of gastric bypass is to reduce weight. Surgeons in Tunisia are able to help you both in the surgery as well as the exercises and the maintained balanced diet that you have to undertake to attain your objective to lose weight within a very short period of time. Due to this, you are able to avoid the life-threatening problems related to weight such as cardiac disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident and many more.

Things to do Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before you go for the surgery, the surgeons in Tunisia always give you instructions to begin physical exercises and in addition, you are to stop smoking. Then again, you will have to come up with an after-surgery plan. This procedure is always done under anaesthesia. As a result, you might be unconscious during the surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia

Furthermore, cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is the most common activity that takes place. This is a procedure that can be done to remodel any part of your body. This can be the plastic surgery on your face, breasts, lipofilling and body contouring. Tunisia has been the most attractive spot for such practices because of their low and cheap prices that are affordable to almost everyone. This activity is not new to them, therefore the surgeons have experience. More so, they provide quality care and services and good accommodations for their clients.

Bariatric Surgery

Then bariatric surgery, also known as obesity surgery, helps those who have been suffering from obesity for a long time to significantly lose weight in a justifiable manner, especially after all the weight loss methods have not worked. These kind of people are those with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40.

According to the research, gastric bypass surgery comes with a lot of benefits to you and your health. Most importantly, you are able to lose significant weight within a short period of time. This is achievable especially when taking balanced diet and undertaking physical activities. Then again, you are able to avoid stroke, cancer, heart disease and many other problems that are as a result of excessive weight.

Lose Weight Through Obesity Surgery

In addition, reduction of weight makes you feel more comfortable and improves your ability to work more and be energetic throughout the day. More so, it gives you the self-confidence you require.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery helps you be more beautiful, fix the part of your body that makes you feel uncomfortable, improve your body figure and makes you feel younger and newer. It ensures a physical transformation that can be a rejuvenation, beautification as well as psychological change. Such changes influence the behaviour and the life of the patient. It is widely practised around the globe therefore, surgeons are well experienced.

What to do After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mostly after these surgeries, especially gastric bypass surgery, you will be instructed to take liquid foods. Most probably, you will be able to talk a walk just after a few hours. After the day of the surgery, you can drink and eat something light. After the surgery, the pain is usually a mild one. As a result, you will have to routinely take pain relievers for some time.

At home, you are required to do a few light activities. You can stay for a month or so before going back to work. However, do not strain too much. On the first month after the surgery, you are to take liquid diet mostly. In the early days of the second month, your food should be pureed. Furthermore, it should be taken at consistent intervals. During the last two weeks of the second month, ensure that you chop your food and eat in small quantities at consistent intervals. After these two monitored months, you can take any kind of food you want, provided that you chew it well.

Tunisia Great Destination for Medical Tourism

In Tunisia, there is the Med Assistance company which is the leading company for medical tourism. This is because their prices are pocket-friendly and the services are affordable in the cases of plastic surgery practices. They offer 50% less than the Europe surgeries. As a result, Tunisia becomes the best destination for medical touring.

In addition, Med Assistance offers full support for the medical stay of their patients globally. They aim at simplifying the arrival of their patients by providing good hospitality, safe transportation and accommodating them in the best hotels in Tunisia. Other than that, they give guarantees and insurance.

Best Cosmetic Surgery Companies in Tunisia

Other than cosmetic and gastric bypass surgery mentioned above, Med Assistance offers dental, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgeries. Then again, there is the hair transplant, ophthalmology and the infertility treatment. This shows how competent and specialized Tunisia can be. They offer a variety of surgeries that are not offered in most countries.

Cheap Inexpensive Cosmetic Surgery

Furthermore, Med Assistance has special offers such as the medical advisors who explain to you the details, procedures and the processes that are to be taken during the surgery and your medical stay after the surgery. This will help you make mature decisions on how you will proceed with the surgical procedure.

Med Assistance has joined hands with the new, popular and state-of-the-art clinics as well as prominent doctors. This has helped in attaining their objective which is to offer the best care services to their patients at cheap and most affordable prices.